Thursday, March 10, 2016

Understanding Sustainability

Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great honor to announce the release of my new book, Understanding Sustainability, a collection of seventy-four reviews of sustainability-related books.  It’s vital that humankind develops a competent understanding of ecological sustainability, and pursues it with all deliberate speed.  A sustainable way of life is one that can continue for millennia without causing permanent degradation to the ecosystem. 

The path we are on now is exactly the opposite.  It has no long-term future.  It’s not even fun.  Mainstream society continues wobbling and staggering in a twentieth century stupor, blind drunk on a rotgut elixir called sustainable development.  Sustainable development is nothing more than ordinary <bleep> the future development dressed up in a cheap green suit, with a foolish smirk.

Ecological sustainability is something like kryptonite, a powerful antidote to the pathological superpowers of industrial society.  Humans are the proud owners of legendary big brains, and the lucky ones have gifts for thinking outside the box, and asking questions that really matter.  Where can they find answers?  The neighborhood library or bookstore is unlikely to provide a robust collection of books on ecological sustainability.  Local classrooms are mostly home to lectures praising technological innovation, sustainable development, and perpetual growth.  Yuck!

Unfortunately, my book does not reveal quick and easy solutions to our eco-predicaments.  Mainstream culture is out of its mind, the zombie offspring of ignorance and tradition.  But culture is software, and it’s possible to change software.  Understanding Sustainability is intended to be a resource for outside the box thinkers who are eager to learn.  It exposes pilgrims to a wide variety of outside the box writers.  It supplements my two previous books, What Is Sustainable and Sustainable or Bust.

Understanding Sustainability is available as a modestly priced paperback, and as a bargain priced Kindle download.  Kindle downloads can be read on your computer, tablet, or phone using free software — you don’t need to buy a Kindle gizmo.  Amazon Prime members can “borrow” the Kindle version from Amazon, free of charge.

Please feel welcome to post reader reviews at Amazon and Goodreads.  They are very helpful to curious shoppers who are nervous about inviting new authors into their minds.

Best of all, Understanding Sustainability is the perfect gift for all occasions — graduations, birthdays, retirement parties, weddings, anniversaries, hot dates, and baby showers.  Buy it by the dozen, and avoid aggravating time-consuming visits to the mall.