Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations  Dave Montgomery is a geology professor, and the author of Dirt.  He discusses the notion that soil destruction, via agriculture, is a primary reason for the collapse of civilizations.

Richard Manning on the Psychosis of Civilization  Richard describes why civilization is a form of psychosis.  There are a few other Manning videos on YouTube.

John Trudell - Tribes of Europe  A recording of John discussing the similarities between the old tribes of Europe and the Native American tribes.  There are a number of Trudell videos on YouTube.

Jean Liedloff - Touch the Future  This video provides background on her book The Continuum Concept.

From the Population Bomb to the Dominant Animal  In this lecture, Paul Ehrlich addresses the Stanford alumni on the 40th anniversary of his book, The Population Bomb, which predicted big doom ahead.  In retrospect, he says that the book was far too optimistic.

Paul Roberts: The End of Food  Paul Roberts wrote The End of Food, a book that has few kind words to say about our industrial food system.  He presents a body of information that will blow away the childlike innocence suffered by people who eat like normal Americans.  Will we be able to feed nine billion in 2050?  Roberts says absolutely not.

Derrick Jensen - Endgame  This a long video describing his book Endgame.  There are many Jensen videos on YouTube.

Peak Oil Lessons From The Soviet Union  Dmitry Orlov wrote Reinventing Collapse.  He is a Russian who grew up in the USSR prior to the collapse of the system, and he has visited several times after the collapse.  Russia collapsed first, now it’s our turn.  He believes that collapse will be harder on Americans, because our social networks have decayed far more.  He provides many provocative insights.